You may be asking, "why undesigned?"
The reasoning behind the curious name is a philosophy driven by a minimalist progenitive. An approach to design that's dictated by bare minimums; using only the most necessary visual elements in a given context and nothing more. It is the idea of reaching the "Goldilocks Zone" in design wherein there isn't too much nor too little, only to achieve a utilitarian purpose of getting the point across.
Against ornations, embellishments, and the unnecessary. To deconstruct visual elements to their most rudimentary forms and recombine them as best befit the cause, that is the essence behind the idea of Undesigned.
and the Logo?
This is a personal emblem that I've since come to call: Synthenoid
The logo, which serves to represent my way of thinking, is a portrayal of what the
conceptualization of ideas look like.

It is a logo inspired by “Hegelian Dialectics”, which is a facet of a philosophy that states every proposal (thesis) inherently creates its opposite (antithesis). It is from these polar opposites that creates an inevitable conflict that would result in a new proposal that adopts the better part of both ideas (synthesis). The synthesis would in turn become the new thesis and the cycle
would continue indefinitely.

From this ideology I have surmised that ideas, which are fundamentally constructed with spheres of influence, can only prosper and improve when confronted with direct opposition. Thereby my approach in design follows as such, in order to find optimal solutions. The logo is a representation of how the most popular idea inherently creates its opposite within itself that would inevitably clash and synthesize new ideas, which would in turn grow and create its own respective conflictions.
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